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by Zanreo

Notes on future characters and ideas?

Just rambling about various characters that haven't been introduced yet, companies I have some concepts for but don't really have a character for, ect. Ideas are subject to change


A character/company I feel I should have introduced or at least made a character for by now, haha. A suggestion I got was to make them a more "realistic-looking" character, not sure how far down this road I'll go because that would take too much time to draw, but I'm thinking some kind of "generic AAA game protagonist" inspired design...


I have an Apple character, so why not an Android character too instead of letting Apple be the full representation of "mobile games"?


Let's see, what I associate most with Blizzard is the WoW series, maybe a fantasy-inspired character? Something like an ice mage because blizzard. Also some other game refs

(Also I legit didnt know there was an "activision blizzard" before late 2015 sometime? could be a fun merge)


The other part of Tecmo Koei. Very serious and strategic


When/if they appear they'll be a goddamn angry bird lol


yeah, maybe more later


by Zanreo

does anyone read these

And after the next page is posted, I'm done with the remade Contract arc. I've wanted to do this for a while now, as the original was just bad all over.


After this, I'm planning to start building up buffers for my multi-page stories before posting them - I kept telling myself to do it, but never did. This time, however, I plan to just make and post one-page strips (including some "old" news I never got around to writing at the time but that at this point could be fun to look back upon

I'm also planning to clean up my archive a bit, but first I'm gonna go back to everywhere I posted links to my comic, and change the links to the permalinks instead... this might take a while...

by Zanreo

New layout + Disqus

Dunno if anyone reads these, but:

I just updated the layout to another one (so I can edit more of the HTML if needed) still kinda wip and a few things I want to change later. but I already like this one better.


Also added Disqus to the bottom of the page, so for those not using the Comicfury comment system (you can still comment as a guest, btw!) here's another way to do that.

by Zanreo

Animation: Nintendo's Wiimote Shake

A flash animation I made a while ago.
Parody of the "cola shake" meme from Nico Nico Douga.
(The song is a remix of Hot Limit by T.M. Revolution)