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by Zanreo

does anyone read these

And after the next page is posted, I'm done with the remade Contract arc. I've wanted to do this for a while now, as the original was just bad all over.


After this, I'm planning to start building up buffers for my multi-page stories before posting them - I kept telling myself to do it, but never did. This time, however, I plan to just make and post one-page strips (including some "old" news I never got around to writing at the time but that at this point could be fun to look back upon

I'm also planning to clean up my archive a bit, but first I'm gonna go back to everywhere I posted links to my comic, and change the links to the permalinks instead... this might take a while...

by Zanreo

New layout + Disqus

Dunno if anyone reads these, but:

I just updated the layout to another one (so I can edit more of the HTML if needed) still kinda wip and a few things I want to change later. but I already like this one better.


Also added Disqus to the bottom of the page, so for those not using the Comicfury comment system (you can still comment as a guest, btw!) here's another way to do that.

by Zanreo

Animation: Nintendo's Wiimote Shake

A flash animation I made a while ago.
Parody of the "cola shake" meme from Nico Nico Douga.
(The song is a remix of Hot Limit by T.M. Revolution)