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A term for a game company that also makes their own consoles. Being a Consoler gives you lots of power and high status among the other companies, who makes games for them, but it's also risky, and if not successful you can lose lots of money and might have to give up this status because you can't afford it. Many companies have tried being Consolers at one point, but most of them had to give up quickly after lack of success and go back to making games for the others - in some cases it even made them go out of business. Consolers are usually competitive, and tend to fight and argue with each other a lot.


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Big 3:


"Eh, who cares? E3 is a time to have FUN!"

Nintendo has been around for a very long time, starting out as a hanafuda company back in 1889, but is still full of youthful energy and optimism. She's usually happy and laidback, until you look down on her or underestimate her skills. Kind of stubborn, she doesn't always want to keep up with the new industry trends but also invents all kinds of new, strange gameplay choices that often turns out to be huge successes. Despite her rivals at first mocking her for her strange choices, they tend to imitate these after they get popular. Aside from video games, she still likes a game of hanafuda from time to time.


"So after showing you all our console's features that just *heh* happen to not be on that other console being shown, here's how to *heh* share your games..."

Got into the game industry after a failed collaboration with Nintendo, and had instant success with his own Playstation console, to Nintendo's annoyance. While he tries to act cool and serious, this act is quickly dropped when he messes up... which is quite often. Despite this, developers still love him and his console. He's skilled with all kinds of electronics, but also ends up working with too many projects at a time to properly focus and can't always tell bad ideas from good ones until it's too late. Aside from gaming, his hobbies include movies and music.



"It's called the Xbox One... (because I'm number one!)"

While he started out making games for his own computers, he decided to make his own console after feelng threatened by Sony's new console. Can be rather arrogant and tries acting tough. He's skilled in online-based features like multiplayer, though he's known to go back and forth on decisions lately and sometimes doesn't think them through properly before presenting them. Loves Doritos and Mountain Dew.

Other game companies:


Previously one of the Consolers, he's fallen on hard times ever since he had to drop out of the console market. His past self was rather arrogant and smug, and he used to fight a lot with Nintendo, his biggest rival, back in the day. Now they have a friendlier relationship and he even makes games for her consoles, although he still has a bit of a grudge about losing and thinks back on the "good old times" a lot.

Game Freak:

A boy who started out writing game magazines before he decided to make his own games. Nintendo supported his "Pokémon" idea strongly, even during the times it didn't look too good, but in the end it paid of greatly for both of them - literally. Ever since then, they have been working closely together. While he can be shy and awkward, he's been slowly gaining more confidence after this success. He's also been trying to make more new kinds of games lately.


Usually seen with a huge smile on her face, HAL tends to be rather happy and loud. She's a good friend of Nintendo and has made several popular series for her consoles. Is also a skilled programmer. Though she might look cute, some claim to have seen a scarier side of her...

Square Enix:

A young man with a... unique fashion sense. Loves giant swords and dramatic, epic stories, and often carries around a giant Swiss Army Knife. Tried making movies once, but when that didn't work out he started implementing what he had learned in his games instead. He's the merged form of Square and Enix, and shares some traits from them both.


"don't make... the same mistake... I did... rushing games... was... a mistake..."

Atari used to have it all, and was a big-name Consoler way back in the day. But after several huge mistakes caused by her own arrogance and shortsightedness, ending in the dramatic event known as "The Crash", she was very close to going out of business and gradually became weaker, and is currently just a weak shell of her former self. Her old games are still fondly remembered though, which makes her happy.


An easygoing, laidback and somewhat lazy company who is loved for her interesting games and online game store, though lately she seems to focus most on the latter. A notorious procrastinator who seems to live by her own time system, if she tells you she'll do something tomorrow don't expect it to be done before 3 weeks later. Loves hats and has a huge collection of various kinds of headgear. Lately, she's also had plans to release her own console...


A tough, stubborn and competitive fighter who enjoys a friendly fight with other companies now and then. Lately, she's started to make various dishes based on her game series... If you ask her about a certain blue robot, she'll try changing the subject.


"Where I got the idea? Well, I was eating some pizza, and... yeah, that's pretty much it..."

A laidback, friendly and somewhat weird guy who often seems to have his head in the clouds. Used to be great friends with Atari years back, and in fact she was the one to get him interested in games. When not making games, he likes going to theme parks and coming up with new, weird flavors of ice cream.


A self-proclaimed hero who is a huge fan of tokusatsu heroes and mecha. Though they might act flashy and over-the-top, they're actually kind of a dork underneath. Can merge with Namco for a super-powered form.

Bandai Namco:

Bandai and Namco's merged form, double the power, double the dork


Cold and ruthless in his business plans, this company stops at nothing to earn the most profits and there are few things he wouldn't do for a quick buck. It's said he buys smaller companies just to put them out of business a few years later when he doesn't have use for them anymore, and said smaller companies tend to disappear mysteriously after spending too much time with him... though, as a company, he considers it what he has to do. He also loves sports of various kinds.


Sneaky and clever, Ubisoft knows just what to say in most situations - that is, if his glitching doesn't give him away. Tends to think his work is "good enough" and doesn't always care about playtesting properly.


A pachinko gambler and talented musician who's familiar with all sorts of strange genres. Konami tends to be a bit aggressive and over the top. She has lately appeared to be more interested in gambling than actual games, and doesn't like to talk about a certain employee...


Rare started out early working at Nintendo's place, making a lot of great games from great ideas and generally having fun. But eventually disagreement happened, Rare left and now he's stuck making less interesting stuff and isn't sure what to do. Leaving Nintendo might have been the best choice at the time, but was this the only alternative?



"Don't worry, Clover... I'll get back at Capcom for this... and also get back your... (my?) IPs..."

A tough and snarky woman who considers herself the "reincarnation" of Clover. Though she might seem serious at times, she loves huge, over-the-top action scenes. If you ask her too many questions, prepare to get blocked!


"I will NEVER forgive you for this unforgivable insult."

A surprisingly loud ninja who has a hard time hearing anything less-than-positive about his game series. In fact, he considers Namco his biggest rival because of one comment like this. Likes beach volleyball.


A serious and stoic master of strategy and a history buff, Koei can outsmart most people in a battle.

Koei Tecmo:

With the strategic strategy skills of Koei and the vengeful inability to take critizism of Tecmo, their merged Koei Tecmo form has now found more... clever ways to get his revenge.


When Taito is determined to make something work, she doesn't give up that easily, and even a failed attempt might show itself to be something better!


"After all... my only aim is to help developers."

Tose is [REDACTED]

A very secretive company who only seems to talk to others from behind a door. No one knows quite WHO they are, but if but the other companies need help with development, they know they can always trust this mysterious company to help them. From a bit of extra code, porting games, or making a whole spinoff game, any game or genre, Tose can handle it. They are very secretive, and even if they have worked on thousands of games over the years, they rarely get any credit for this service, with their customers taking all the credit for themselves. Still... this is just the way Tose wants it.


"Yeah! We don't need a big conference to kick ass and take names!"

Nintendo's little brother. He brings Nintendo games to the American region. Some complain he has no clue what he's doing, but he tries his best understanding the market - even when he doesn't. He takes great pride in his memetic internet fame. He and his sister Eurotendo often disagree what to call games and end up naming them different things, to customers' confusion.


Nintendo's little sister. Brings Nintendo games to the European countries. She's known for sometimes getting games later than Ameritendo, often because translating to several languages takes time, but she also occasionally takes risks he won't. Sadly, her country of operations has several weird restrictions that can be a problem to gaming, to her annoyance, but she still tries to keep her head up and do her best. She also enjoys cosplay.

Misc. game industry-related:


While he's not a company, and made by parts by a variety of different computer companies, PC has still taken a place as an alternative to consoles. While many companies like him and his development oppurtunities, the Consolers try to avoid him because of his disturbing superiority complex towards them. Even though Microsoft makes one of his common operative systems and PC games, PC will never forget being ignored for the Xbox...


Rather smug and flashy, Apple has been a rival to Microsoft since forever. Ever since he got into gaming with phones and tablets that support simple games, he has claimed to also be a Consoler. The big 3, however, disagree - which is one of the few things they agree on.